Steve Soper and Andy Rouse battle it out at Brands Hatch in 1988

British Touring Car Championship racing remains is a truly entertaining bit of motorsport. It has been for decades, and remains a joy to watch to this day. Back in 1988, if you showed up to watch a race you’d find mostly Fords on the field. Toyota, BMW, Holden, Nissan, and even Alfa Romeo and Maserati came out to play, however, and the result was on-track magic.

A thirteen race calendar featured some of the great circuits over in the United Kingdom. Well, okay… they ran Silverstone four times. Still, the racing action was awesome no matter where the traveling BTCC circus went. One of the great races of that season occurred at Brands Hatch.

Andy Rouse, who would go on to in the Class A driver’s championship that year, set off against Steve Soper. Rouse was piloting his Sierra Cosworth RS500 and Soper was driving the same model of car. Rouse’s car was setup with a special engine packing on a bit more boost. That would help him in some of the straights… but Soper manages to cling tightly to the bumper of the Cosworth ahead of him.

Prepare for battle

These two trade spots continuously over the course of the race. In fact, they’re side by side for a fair bit of racing. The weather is …British. The racing is awesome. The 500+ horsepower machines are a tremendous handful.

On the last lap, Andy Rouse remains in the lead but Soper continues to close. The pair push well ahead of the rest of the pack in a battle that’s all their own. Doors banging. Tails swinging. British Touring car excellence on full display.

I have to credit YouTube sim racer Jimmy Broadbent for leading me to this video. He posted a clip yesterday showing him racing one of Andy Rouse’s RS500 race cars at Brands Hatch. As YouTube can do, I fell down a BTCC rabbit hole.

Here I am, on the other side, with an awesome video for you on this Tuesday afternoon. Click play and enjoy.

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