Ask me this question years ago, and my answer would’ve definitely been sport trucks. Today though, I want to go play in the dirt. I’ll take something prepped to handle off-road runs. Both types of truck, a sport truck or an off-road truck, are still cool, but people usually flock to one over the other.

So which is it for you?

I’ll admit that I would still love to have a go in a bone-stock Ram SRT 10. Before Hellcats were a thing, Ram stuffed a Viper engine into the nose of its half-ton pickup truck. Bonkers at the time, surely. Today, it would be just another wickedly over-powered offering from FCA. Actually, why don’t we have a Ram Hellcat yet? At this point, the Pacifica will come-out with a Hellcat variant sooner.

Besides an older SRT 10 Ram or Ford Lightning, our options for fresh sport trucks is… well, kind of non-existent at the moment. You might consider the modern heavy-duty rigs to be the equivalent. They boast insane torque figures and colossal towing capability. Some drivers are even ripping them from stoplight to stoplight in a flurry of turbo flutter and ridiculousness.

On the other side of the equation, however, we are currently awash with great off-road options. Jeep, Toyota, Ford, and Chevy all have something purpose-built and waiting on a dealer lot right this moment. Do you think sport trucks are primed for a comeback? Is the off-road spotlight going to keep shining across multiple brands and offerings for some time to come?

If you have to draw a line in the sand, would you choose to have a sport truck or an off-road truck? Sound off below!