Someone in the Southwest Needs to Rescue this Truckified Eagle Wagon

1983 eagle wagon for sale A stickshift AMC wagon would be postworth enough, but this one’s received some special treatment leaving it entirely ill-prepared for its current environment. Specifically, car ain’t got no roof. At least, ain’t got about 7/8ths of its roof. Which would leave it wonderfully suited for life at a San Diego Beach or ranch in Arizona. Alas, it’s in a Chicago exurb, slowly being snowed and salted to death.

The beauty of the AMC Eagle is its parts commonality with the contemporary Jeep line. Typically oddball early 4×4 cars have drivetrains of pure unobtainium, but not here. And the parts that were Eagle-only are probably best swapped for Wrangler bits anyway.

Anyway, this one’s had everything from the B-pillars back removed, some diamond plate and questionable carpeting added. If you really wanted to show it some love, you could swap the carpet for DIY bedliner and spend a few hundred bucks to have a custom canvas top made.

It’s sitting just over a grand right now, but the reserve’s unmet. Curious what the seller thinks he can get for it. 1983 AMC Eagle Wagon Convertible(?) for sale – eBay Motors

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