So That's Where They Got the Blackwood: 1950s Custom Ford SUVs From Brazil

50s ford custom truck suv wagon50s ford custom truck suv wagon

While Chevy, Dodge and Willys got into the whole early-SUV thing with their various truck-wagons, as far as we know Ford never did. They didn’t even have a full-sized truck based SUV until the ’78 Bronco. When there’s a niche to be filled, you can always trust some ambitious customizer to fill it. Even in Brazil, which is where this collection of 1950s custom Ford pickup based thingamabobs comes from.

50s ford custom truck suv wagon While the US spend most of the 50s and 60s operating under the assumption that cars were cars and trucks were trucks, we eventually came to recognize that sometimes we need one vehicle that can haul both people and miscellaneous crap. Well, some of us did, and some of us just decided we needed the biggest, most imposing vehicle we could afford. Why not? After all, gas is $1/gallon and Blink 182 is cool. Oh…wait, it’s not 1998 anymore…and that makes me sad. 50s ford custom truck suv wagonAnyway…our friends over at Carros Antigos came across a collection of early attempts to mesh car and truck into one. These are even more in the model of late 90s “I want a truck that’s as much like a car as it can be” SUVs than their contemporary American counterparts. The exteriors have the chrome side moldings and elaborate tail light treatments fit for any late 50s ride. The small collection below is nothing compared to what they’re running over at Carros Antigos (that means Old Cars, btw).

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