Ridiculous dealer mark-ups now on the 4Runner TRD Pro

The fifth generation Toyota 4Runner has been around since the 2010 model year. Algebra tells that this is 11 models years, ignoring the fact that the mechanicals date back to the fourth generation 4Runner. Despite that age, it is a solid rig. My 4Runner is over ten years old and in that time only one […]

1500-mile Audi RS6 Avant sells for MSRP, proving dealer markups are BS

The 2021 Audi RS6 Avant is the ultimate do-it-all car. It’s blisteringly fast. It’s full of gadgets and cowhide and shiny metals. And it carries a bunch of stuff and people. Naturally, it costs about as much as a sports car, luxury car, and people carrier combined as well: about $130,000. The question is, though, is […]

Last Call: Dealer markups suck, Avant Edition

dealer markup on a new Audi RS6 Avant

I am fully aware of how supply and demand work. But I also believe that dealer markups are total bullshit. The automaker sets the price for a vehicle, and you would expect to pay that price for the vehicle. It gets far worse, however, when a dealer takes your deposit for a vehicle, alerts you […]

Rubicon 392 “Market Adjustment” is almost reasonable but still sucks

jeep wrangler 392 v8 price adjustment

The Hemi-powered V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is the latest and hottest of Jeeps to hit the market. Spoiler: I drove it and it’s awesome. As we are now accustomed to, dealers are jumping on this hot vehicle with their market-adjusted price nonsense. In this case, a dealership local to me wants another five grand […]

2019 Ford Ranger – Ready to take away some Tacoma marketshare?

return of the ford ranger

It was gone for awhile but now it’s back. The Ford Ranger went away from our market back in 2012. For 2019, Ford has given us a new option in the mid-size truck segment. The Ranger has returned and, even though it’s not a brand-new platform, it’s a welcome variable in a solid field of […]

Dealers adjusting prices on 2019 4Runner and Tacoma TRD Pro models

Looking to get yourself a new 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro or 4Runner TRD Pro? Pick your dealer wisely. People on Toyota message boards have been posting pictures of dealer-adjusted prices on some new 2019 TRD Pro models.  Seriously, screw those dealers. Walk away and share your experiences on social media. Then either find a different […]

Yakima racks now available at Toyota dealerships

Traveling light isn’t something many people do these days. With two kids and a wife who likes to bring everything where ever we go, I am the guy with the roof pack, bike rack, and the cargo area filled to the roof. But I am not the only one, far from it. Here in downtown […]

The Truth About the Future and Marketing

“Everything you can buy from a car dealership today is simply a product. From Mahindra to McLaren, it exists to be sold. To make money.” The above is a breathtakingly obvious statement, but isn’t one that has troubled me as much before as it does today. This is because the true nature of the industry […]

Power, performance, and the used market

The facts are the facts: the amount of car you can buy on the cheap today is simply outstanding. And it’s not just amount of power you can get for very little money, but it’s the caliber of car you can acquire for so little. The cars available on the used market for a fraction […]