Rollin on 15s t-shirt

Rollin’ on 15s!
Our latest shirt collaboration with Blipshift

Many moons ago, we featured a Hooniverse t-shirt that was a take on the old DUBS logo. Instead of promoting that 20-inch lifestyle, however, we were all about the 14s. Today we’re back with a new version of that shirt. Allow me to present “Rollin’ on 15s”:

Rollin on 15s t-shirt

This shirt is our latest design as part of our ongoing collaboration with the amigos at Blipshift. And this one should be a hit with the many Mazda Miata fans out there. Oddly enough, I can’t wear this shirt when I’m driving in my Mercedes-Benz 280 since it has 14-inch wheels. My Montero has 16-inch wheels.

…I’m an imposter. Shit.

Either way, you should hop over to Blipshift to buy this shirt. Follow this link to do just that.

And while you’re there, get pumped because it’s time for Blipshift’s 96-hour sale! Our friend Jonny Lieberman has a new design, as does Spike Feresten for his podcast. Buy one. Buy them all. Most importantly, buy our shirt first… then one from the other guys.

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10 responses to “Rollin’ on 15s!
Our latest shirt collaboration with Blipshift”

  1. Number_Six Avatar

    Where was this shirt during the decade I exclusively owned 5.0 Fox Mustangs?

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Paging Mr Harrell… I have 12s (& 15s) but I’m sure he’ll be able to go well into single digit wheel diameters.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      For street-legal vehicles my current lower limit is still 4.00 x 8 on the KV:

      After that the jump is all the way to 12″ for the HMV Freeway.

      1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
        Jeff Glucker

        EIGHT?! Insane – love it

        1. mdharrell Avatar

          DOT-rated tire selection in this size is rather limited and mostly confined to scooter tires with extremely rounded profiles that don’t provide much of a contact patch for the KV’s friction drive rollers. Fortunately these are still available:

  3. neight428 Avatar


    Also, rolling on a limited selection of tires.

    In my nineteen seventy niiiiine –

  4. salguod Avatar

    3 of my 7 vehicles have 15s. Oddly, the other 4 are all 17s.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Including trailer I have from 12 to 16. I think I have about 15 wheels stored behind my garage including some 15″ wheels from my first car; sold the car I think 12 years ago and meant to clean them up to sell. Time flies apparently!

      A set of 15×6 4×100 Sigma GSR pepperpots & a pair of Montegos, off a Peter Wherret Special (red highlights where the Turbo had black)

  5. sunbeammadd Avatar

    Only 13s and 14s in my garage.

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