Road & Track goes to GM Heritage Center


I was once invited to the GM Heritage Center for dinner. Unfortunately my flight was delayed because it was too heavy. While some random passengers’ bags were being unloaded, which was a three hour process, the engines burned enough fuel to bring the weight of the aircraft to proper specification. Unbelievable.  I think that three unseen episodes of TopGear I had on my laptop were the only things that kept me from raging that evening.

Regardless of my adventures, several Road & Track writers/editors/photogs did recently made it to the GM Heritage Center. Their trip resulted in some amazing photos captioned with equally interesting…., uhmm…, captions. Check them out and pay special attention to Alex Kierstein’s awesome t-shirt! You too can have one just like it! Also, check out all of the new Road & Track. Both the magazine and the website have turned around completely with the help of great new staff, work of which you have surely seen before. 

[Source: Road & Track]


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7 responses to “Road & Track goes to GM Heritage Center”

  1. stigshift Avatar

    How cool to see a '74 "Spirit of America" Impala off to the right. I used to have one. Rare beasts they are.

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    I didn't get to make the trip up there, but several years ago, when the CORSA convention was held near Detroit, one of the tours given was a private one of the Heritage Center, for conventioneers.

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    I spy Zach Bowman there in a lot of pics. Also, I did notice an error, in photos 100 and 101. The Aerovette was created from the four-rotor Corvette, not the two-rotor. Here is the two-rotor:
    <img src=" xp-897gt_two-rotor_3.jpg?8B74E08FC76655C0A61208F0446FAA2F">
    and the four-rotor:
    <img src=""&gt;

  4. craigsu Avatar

    1. The Ultralite looks sad from the front and constipated from the back.
    2. Large NACA duct on the Express is large.
    3. Astro III Concept – I see more Reliant Robin than Delta Wing.
    4. I wish I had a GTO Judge.
    5. Surprised that Saab is even acknowledged by the GM Heritage Center.

  5. Maymar Avatar

    Photo 71 appears to have the first Northstar Allante, as opposed to the first Allante.
    I'm disappointed I'm not more familiar with the Corvair Super Spyder.
    Also disappointed there are no pictures of the Buick woody in the background of one of the pictures.
    Lastly, my school organized a trip to the heritage center several years ago. They even got to meet Bob Lutz. I'm still hugely disappointed I wasn't able to go on that trip.

  6. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    69, 80, 82, 89: What a tease.

  7. SSurfer321 Avatar

    It's evident that 50% of online auto-bloggers appear to be hipsters.

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