1975 BMW 3.0 CSL at Laguna Seca

Ride along with Sam Smith in a 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL at Laguna Seca

You all know Sam Smith, right? He’s the wonderful word slinger who also knows how to wheel a vehicle. A few years back, Sam got the chance to pilot a 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL around Laguna Seca. He had a helmet cam rolling to capture the ridiculous wheel workout as well as the glorious audio.

There’s a bit of narration at the beginning. Then everything goes full screen, the talking stops, and the aural adventure begins. This video is a good way to roll into the week. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Ride along with Sam Smith in a 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL at Laguna Seca”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    I misread “slinger” in the first sentence as “singer” at first, and thought maybe the wrong Sam Smith got access to a historic factory-backed racecar.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Everyone PRAAAAAAYS in the end

      (I legit like that song…)

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