Ride Along with Jaguar's Mike Hawthorne at Le Mans, 1956

As far as old school cool goes, it’s harder to get any cooler than a Jaguar D-Type at Le Mans. Some incredible footage was recently uncovered from Jaguar’s efforts at the 1956 24 Hours of Le Mans, particularly the days leading up to it when most of the circuit was still open to local traffic. With cyclists and old French cars out and about, Jaguar sent out their 1955 Le Mans winner Mike Hawthorn in his D-Type to give a tour of the track at a much slower pace.

The legend is mic’d in and carries a camera on the car to give viewers of the period a glimpse at the new changes made to the fearsome track following the previous year’s disaster. For us, about 61 years in the future, it’s a chance to take in incredible views which simply don’t exist anymore.

[Source: DukeVideo on YouTube]

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One response to “Ride Along with Jaguar's Mike Hawthorne at Le Mans, 1956”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    I’ve seen this before, the understated commentary is fantastic!

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