Recaro serves up a limited run of Nürburgring inspired seats

Recaro has another limited-run special edition seat on its hands, and this one is pricey. It’s called the Sportster CS. Inspiration for the bucket comes from Germany’s Nürburgring, so you know there’s some motorsport ethos ascribed here. In fact, Recaro says this seat is a great blend of a classic racing shell and a comfortable sports seat. It’s designed to mimic the needs of endurance racers, but you could plop it in your daily driver should you so desire.

And if you should so desire, be prepared to part with a hell of a lot of dough. The Sportster CS costs $2,450. Just 999 units are to be built, so if you need two you better get cracking on that order form. Of course, you’ll have just spent nearly $5k on seats.

Is it a good seat? Sure, it’s a hard-backed Recaro. Is it worth two-and-a-half grand? Yikes, we’ll leave that bit up to you. This isn’t exactly the land of four-figure seats though, as our Hooniverse sleds are typically of the four-figure variety themselves. Hell, our “race car” is from 1962 and the most expensive part is likely the radio system.

Should you pony up the dough, you get a seat with a numbered badge. Yes, you can show how exclusive your exclusive seat is to other people who may care. And when asked by someone else what your latest lap times are, don’t be too ashamed when you reply that you’ve haven’t put the car on a track just yet.

You’ll get there some day, and you’ll definitely be safe and comfortable.


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