Ram Rebel: Not A Raptor, But Plenty Of Fun

The Ram Rebel is a tough looking truck. Is it up to the task of tackling trails, dunes, and dirt? Well, it’s definitely not a direct Ford Raptor competitor, but it does offer up plenty of fun. Check it all out by hitting that play button above…
[Disclaimer: Ram loaned us the truck for a week. We went through some fuel, got it dirty, and then washed up it up nice before turning it over to Ram once again.]

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4 responses to “Ram Rebel: Not A Raptor, But Plenty Of Fun”

  1. Guest Avatar

    Obviously the styling is winning people over, because I’m seeing a bunch of these in Alberta.

    Of course, sales are likely dropping fast…

    1. Jason Connor Avatar

      Big on style, capable off-road but not perfect. All in a nutshell.

  2. Roody Avatar

    Love the concept of the Rebel but am not sold on the mega-huge RAM on the front and back. A little subtlety can go a long way…it’s not like anybody will mistaken it for anything else, anyways.
    If Dodge brought back the Dakota and made it look as good as the Ram does, and offered a Rebel package, they’d sell a ton of them. But they probably won’t because of the upcoming Jeep pickup…

    1. Jason Connor Avatar

      It looks good but the large lettering can be a bit distracting

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