Rally Notes… deciphered, thanks to the Team O'neil Rally School

Rally notes are confusing. Lots of numbers, letters, descriptions, and more that all are fed from your co-drivers mouth into your brain. A brain, mind you, that is currently quite busy with the task of making sure you don’t launch a rally car off a cliff, into a tree, or through a snow bank. Still, this shorthand for the course ahead helps driver and co-driver become a cohesive unit while minimizing the need for unnecessary words and chatter.
Instead of saying “Hey bro… there’s a medium-grade right turn ahead, it’s about a three. After that there’s a hella sick jump and then we have a tight left-hand turn where you should grab some rear brake and pull a dope slide.”
The co-driver would say “R3 100, into jump, L1”.
What does that mean? Watch the video above and find out. In it, you’ll find Wyatt Knox of the Team O’Neil Rally School breaking down the world of rally notes for you. 

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One response to “Rally Notes… deciphered, thanks to the Team O'neil Rally School”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    Ok, but what on earth was Moya telling Sainz all the time? Best in car soundtrack among Rally teams, imo .
    (They’re using izquierda and derecha, which are easily distinguished opposed to reft / light, but that is all I understood)

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