Radial Engine Cutaway is Hypnotic, Kinda' Sexy

I don’t know why, but I find this. . . arousing. At any rate, if you wanted to know exactly how a radial engine operates, here you go. Now if I can just find one of the ones where the crank is stationary and the cylinders spin!
Image source: [Imgur.com]


    1. You are indeed correct sir. Googling "rotary", unfortunately returns lots of Wankel rotaries and very few early aircraft rotaries (they are out there, though).

        1. Wiggly pickles, even. Though now that I've looked at the animation again, if it can be trusted, it looks like each con rod may have its own pin located around the circumference of the crank journal. Though I'm in no way sure it's called a journal, of course.

      1. While it does run cool, the gyroscopic force from the large rotating mass has a tendency to send the plane into the ground if you try to execute a turn too soon after take-off.

  1. That is some seriously awesome stuff… Never seen a cutaway of these engines before. In fact, I have never really considered how different they would function than a regular engine before this.

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