This past week has been the longest year ever. With COVID-19 cancelling pretty much anything fun for the next month at least, there’s only one place where racing is safe from it – the sims. My friends at TURN Racing Sim Tools eSports and myself have been prepping for one of the biggest iRacing special events for weeks and will be running it as planned this weekend. The iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring is a go and we’ll be streaming it live for those who are desperate to watch some racing. The green flag drops at 9AM Eastern this Saturday.

This race is a special one for us because it’s the first special event this team ran together. It will also be our biggest effort yet with six cars being entered. We will have TRST Team Black in the Corvette C7 DP (because iRacing is old), Teams Yellow and Red in the Ford GT in the GTLM class, and Teams Grey, White, and our flagship TRST eSports team (where our fastest drivers are paired up) in the Audi R8 GT3 in the GTD class. All cars will wear our gorgeous new paints as shown above. Up to seventeen of our drivers will split driving duties.

If you want to follow along since there’s literally nothing better to do, we will have numerous streams running throughout the event. Streaming for TRST eSports will be Hefner and Adamson – you’ll want to be watching these guys, they’re ridiculously fast. My team’s efforts, TRST Yellow, will be streamed by Wozniak. TRST Grey driver Woodward will be streaming their efforts here.

We may have more streams coming up throughout the race since not all drivers can stream and race at the same time, so be sure to also follow along on our Twitter feed. We will be posting occasional race updates and links to other streams that may not be mentioned here. Wish us luck!