Project #MokotoNB Update: Daily Driving and Delivery.

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When I first bought Mokoto last year I didn’t actually know what kind of Miata I was buying for $2300. Was it going to explode? Was it going to be the cheapest NB in the world? Or had I just found another one of the many anonymous Miata’s that trundle along the roads of this great country. But after crossing over 250,000 miles, I figured the old girl was up for a challenge. How about delivering food?

Mokoto has been nothing but a joy to drive all of these miles, and has lapped up everything I’ve had to throw at her, from canyon roads to long drives across Texas, she’s been nothing but communicative and joyous. Sure I’ve gone through some tires and brakes, but all in the name of good fun right? But what happens when she’s not being driven for fun and instead is being tasked with Favoring all across the city of Austin?

Now, before we get too far, let me explain what Favor is. Favor is an app that let’s those in delivery range order whatever from pretty much anywhere. It’s a really neat service, and in order to make some extra cash I’ve signed up as a driver. It’s a nice little gig, but is a Miata the best hardware for the job?
It’s often said that the answer to every question is Miata, but I think I might have found one or two little issues with that claim as a favor driver.

  1. The roads in Austin are terrible, and even if I can put that aside day to day, when you have food in your car that’s not yours it’s never good to be bouncing around the road.
  2. Storage is an issue if you get a bigger order, as only the passenger compartment is really viable to hold the food and other items.
  3. And speaking of storage, you’re gonna want to have a drink carrier in your car, as your cupholders aren’t going to cut it in any way.
  4. And finally, Gas Mileage. It’s amazing how a tiny little motor can use so much gas just running about town. Of course, this could be down to how I drive about town, but sure, let’s chalk it up to favor first.

But if you can get over any of those issues, I see no problems running your Miata to make some extra money. And if that money ends up back in your Miata, isn’t that your car paying for itself?

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