Project Car SOTU: The Wombat and the Civic Si(gh)

wombat I wish I had more to tell you. …well, I have a little I can tell you. This is how the Wombat currently sits. A few major projects are in the way of Scared Shiftless getting to the car at the moment. Engine mounts, however, have been ordered, and the bracing and mount setup are being measured this week. Once that’s inline, the engine and transmission will be officially bolted into place. That will be a major step forward. It will also signal the time when we can finally measure and then order the steering and cooling components. Expect a new Wombat video within two weeks. (I hope) civic-engine The Project Civic Si(gh) is at Richard’s home garage. The engine guts are splayed open, and we’re waiting on our next moves. I’m considering swapping in some hotter cams and a few other engine goodies, but also considering the idea of just buttoning it up and getting it back to working condition. Still, my goal was to eventually make it into a fun autocross machine, and that means more power would be a nice thing to have. I’m probably going to vote with my heart and not my wallet on this one. MOAR POWER SOON!

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