Project Car SOTU 2016: Weekend Edition – Cam's Cars

[As a member of the Cammed and Tubbed Podcast *Every Friday Morning, available exclusively on the Hooniverse Network Of Podcasts*, Cam sent me this blurb to include in the project car SOTU today. Hopefully you enjoy hearing about his quartet of lovely project cars. If you listen to the podcast, you’re likely already familiar with them! He’s participated before, so if you need a refresher, catch up here. In the following post, Cam shows off the cars and bike that he’s always bragging about on the podcast, including his new BMW 530i Touring, his new Harley Davidson sportster, and a few other projects kicking around his house. – BB]

Pulleys & Flows & Friends
Not much has changed since last year besides the odometer. With Beth’s new car (seen below) on the mend, I’ve been required to relinquish the use of my Mazda2 to her while I daily the Mustang. As a result, I’ve put more miles on the car this year than I have during the entire rest of my ownership, and have fallen in love with it again. Indeed, I’ve been known to sing its praises on The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast (Note: The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast contains lots of NAUGHTY WORDS and as a result is not recommended for young children or the sort of adults who are medically required to wear a helmet at all times). Maybe this year I’ll install proper-sized tires on it and finally install my lowering springs and camber plates, but I wouldn’t count on it this year.
The Hurgus Burgerson
image2 (1)
2016 saw me on two wheel for the first time ever. I picked this bike up on Craigslist for $2300, loaded to the hilt with spare parts and a bunch of touring gear. I’m currently in the process of removing and reselling the touring accessories and building it up into a ’70s-inspired street tracker. To that end, I’ve been collecting parts: lower handlebars, mid controls, a new seat. The previous owner stayed on top of maintenance but while everything’s apart I’m checking everything and giving the bike a thorough cleaning. Expect to see it with a new paint job over the winter and a new set of wheels in addition to the stuff I’m working on now.
I just picked this up yesterday from the second owner after waiting several months for their replacement vehicle to arrive. It’s got a fresh radiator and everything seems to be in good nick. I’d like to find a new set of door this year and check out the rest of the cooling system for peace of mind.
-Cameron VanDerHorst


    1. …as in ‘money’?
      That Mustang def. seems to have a glorious chameleon paint job.

      1. …as in ‘German Racing Green’? It’s a European manual wagon that’s not brown, true, but that ought to be forgiveable even among car journalists, I guess.

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