Project Car SOTU 2016: 1962 Ford Ranchero… er, Rancheros actually

To be quite honest, progress has been minimal. To date, the activity’s been mostly shopping and disassembly, with little to indicate progress towards this thing becoming a race car. I’m typing this on a plane on my way to a multi-week work trip overseas, which definitely isn’t helping things.

The good news is that we’ve already built one of these before, so there should be less learning required this time around. We can also use this opportunity to do a few things better than last time.

  • Remove old V8 and two-speed auto trans
  • Rebuild toploader
  • Send 250 head to machine shop for rework

With the engine and trans out:

  • Drill holes for Shelby Drop
  • Swap in suspension/brakes from other Ranchero
  • Figure out installation of collapsible ’69 Mustang column
  • Swap in manual pedal assemblyranchero-tim-boys-sotu
  • Assemble toploader to 250 with new clutch
  • Figure out correct engine mounts
  • Figure out/build transmission mount
  • Buy radiator
  • Install fan
  • Swap windshield from other Ranchero
  • Gut doors or swap doors from other car
  • Inspect rear axle: gears, seals, brakes
  • Swap diff and/or rebuild stuff as needed
  • Fab battery mount
  • Patch floors
  • Floor plates
  • Build cage

Wire whole car, with a few improvements:

  • Won’t try to preserve any of the original wiring
  • Put both the fan and fuel pump on the ignition switch, but running off their own relays


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  1. Robert Read Avatar
    Robert Read

    How does this all happen for less than $500?

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