Priceless Acquisition: Hundreds of 1970s Car Magazines

Sometime in early January my friend John Voelcker, of GreenCarReports, posted on Facebook that he has four large boxes of 1970s car magazines to give to a good home. Several people responded but realistically none would have 200 pounds of magazines shipped or travel thousands of miles to get them. Except me, and it was about 220 miles.

This weekend I picked them; four boxes, 36”x18”x18” filled with Motor Trends, Road&Tracks, Car and Drivers. To me, and probably most of you reading this, this is priceless stuff. I would love to scan some of them more interesting articles, such as the one where an Alfetta was compared to a Lancia Beta, but I don’t think that I can legally do that… but I will check into it. What I am pretty sure that I can easily and legally do, is post advertisements from those magazines.

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of ads in current car magazines, I will be happy to report that it wasn’t always like that. It was worse. Much worse. As in five pages after the cover of just ads. Fortunately for us, those ads, when viewed from historical perspective, have become most interesting. My intention was to create a theme and run one each advertisement every morning, but I have decided to run them when we have an empty slot during the course of a day that needs a filling, which happens quite often, so be on a lookout.

As for the magazines themselves, they’re in the attic of my mom’s house in New Jersey (I live in a condo, have no room for them), along my own collection of magazines from late 80s and up. The plan is to take pictures when I go there, about once per month, and post them accordingly.

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