polestar o2 concept

Polestar continues its design march towards greatness with the new O2 concept

I shot a quick video for Autotrader on the new Polestar O2 concept but I wanted to share it here as well. That’s because I think this thing is excellent looking and shows that Polestar is carving out a wonderful niche as the super-stylish EV of tomorrow.

The O2 concept car is related to the four-door Precept concept. They’re sort of siblings in terms of showing off the future lines of the Polestar family. In fact, the Precept is rooted in reality in that it foretells the upcoming Polestar 5. Hopefully, the O2 has a foot in the production door as well, as it’s a stunner.

Polestar has created a 2+2 hard-top convertible with sharp lines and bold looks from every angle. It all works quite well and remains uniquely Polestar in its appearance. This one is, of course, still a concept, which is why you can have rendered CGI drones be released from behind a lifting aerofoil to capture your drive for you.

Minus that bit of silliness (which technically isn’t impossible today though) the O2 concept looks great. As Polestar builds out its lineup with a pair of upcoming crossover-based entries before the 5 arrives, hopefully, we hear that a production version of the O2 will someday too have a home in the family for real.

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