Podcast: WE’RE ON A BOAT… at the 2013 NYIAS, and we’ve got a full crew with us

Podcast Image Lead 6 NYIAS

We brought our recording gear to New York, and the result is a podcast from the floor of the NYIAS. Well, truth be told, we wound up a few feet above the floor because we recorded Episode Six from the back of a gorgeous boat built by Dave Cheurbini and Cherubini Yachts. This is a rather interesting podcast, not just for the location but because we have a large crew of friends joining us. Alex Kierstein from Road & Track, Travis Okulski and Raphael Orlove from Jalopnik (who I refer to as D-Bags… sorry guys, I love you both but my overly aggressive auto show juices were flowing), Aaron Gold from About.com, and Mike Juergens from QuattroWorld.com. Additionally, we have Dave Cherubini join us towards the end of the segment to talk about his boat and some of the excellent on-land machines he owns.

Since we’re at NYIAS here, we talk about some of our favorite new cars shown. Then we talk about a few we don’t like, before moving on to talking older cars… and making fun of each other. It’s what we do best.

Head to ShoutEngine to download the podcast: Episode 6

(You can access both the direct link to the MP3 and the iTunes version from the above link. If you go to iTunes, please remember to rate the podcast and leave a review. By doing so you’re helping us infect rise through the ranks and spread the Hooniverse gospel to a larger audience.)

Thanks to all our guests and a big thank you to Mr. Cheurbini for letting us record our ridiculous show from the back of his ridiculously beautiful boat.

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6 responses to “Podcast: WE’RE ON A BOAT… at the 2013 NYIAS, and we’ve got a full crew with us”

  1. pj134 Avatar

    I may be plastidipping a car shortly. I'll document it if I do…

  2. bzr Avatar

    Jeff, you should have changed the logo by giving the car some Titanic smokestacks.

    1. admin Avatar

      Because we're going down in a major fail operation?

      1. pj134 Avatar

        … I listen to you…

        Then again, I also post in the forums. Apparently I enjoy going down with the ship?

  3. Gluesniffer Avatar

    Maybe make the link to the podcast a little more visible….or have a sidebar player or something?

  4. Kamil_K Avatar

    This was the first podcast I have EVER listed to. Good job!
    I wish I could have stayed there for another day.

    And I got a mention, too!

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