Podcast: Episode 8 – On the subject of hot rods and classic cars…

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We have a guest, and her name is Elana (pronounced El-AH-nah) Scherr. I say that because I always pronounce her name wrong even though I’ve known her for years. In fact, Elana is the person who handed me the keys to one of my favorite cars on the planet. Now, she holds down her writing skill at Hot Rod where she pens lovely pieces and sticks her pretty face in front of the camera to schmooze with the likes of Don Prudhomme himself.

Still, we need to talk about new cars to start… but we get over that pretty quickly because our guest is Elana and old cars rule. Especially the old cars sitting in her driveway.

Click past the break to listen to what I’m talking about…

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6 responses to “Podcast: Episode 8 – On the subject of hot rods and classic cars…”

  1. pj134 Avatar

    So… everyone should write a review that, while not outright dirty, will make Jeff's mom ask questions like "Jeffy, why are there grown men on the internet talking about your endowment being without compare? We're not that rich…"

  2. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    This podcast rated NSF$. THE CAR WAS PROBABLY FINE. Or, restorable, at least.

    If you just need more Jeff, he was also on The
    Smoking Tire's podcast

    Good job on continuing to kidnap feature funny and interesting podcast guests.

  3. Maxichamp Avatar


    Whatever you are paying Blake, double it!

    1. bzr Avatar

      I second this notion.

  4. Lotte Avatar

    Had a chance to sit down to this. I have the biggest crush on Elana…'s garage. SO MANY MOPARS. And they know how to work on them. Swoon! I want a 318 to be done up just like the one they wrote about in Hot Rod, the "easy" 400hp one.

  5. Walt Disney Avatar
    Walt Disney

    Kind of frightening that people actually have time to listen to this rambling drivel. I could only take about a minute and a half before I realized these guys were incapable of getting to the point or actually letting their guest talk.

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