Podcast: Episode 62 – 'MURICAAKA Finn it to win it Pt.II

Podcast-Image-Lead-62 Antti is still in California so we have him back on board for a second round of podcast pleasure. Jeff returns to host the party with guest Antti joined by producer Chris Hayes. The chatter pretty much just focuses on Antti’s trip to the states. He’s been roadtripping in a 2014 Dodge Challenger RT Blacktop, and then we had him switch into a Ram 3500 HD Dually (MWUAHAHAHAHA). What did he do with the truck? Apparently he went to Walmart and bought American flags… seriously. (apparently we had a mic issue on this episode, apologies for that. It’s perfectly listenable, but not our best – but it’s leveled out evenly, which helps) Hooniverse – ‘MURICA Please go to iTunes and rank and review us. This helps us rise up and slap the podcasts that sit above us on the charts. We really like slapping things.

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