Podcast: Episode 59 – Stay Regular

Podcast-Image-Lead-59 Here are the notes I’ve been given for this episode of the Hooniverse Podcast. The guests this week are the fine folks behind Regular Car Reviews. This is basically an insane persons brain… unraveling:

  • visiting LA
  • Pennsylvania references
  • rocko’s modern life
  • business panties
  • scooters
  • catholic vs protestant church
  • embarassing neon
  • motorcycle repair
  • driving through nyc
  • tatra
  • honda fit
  • zuma 125
  • ruckus
  • motorcycles
  • dodge omni
  • dodge neon
  • toyota echo

As weird as that list looks, it’s actually quite clear that these guys should be running Hooniverse… Hooniverse – Stay Regular Please go to iTunes and rank and review our podcast. The more rankings we receive, the higher up the ladder we limb, and soon we can rub elbows with the elite podcast crews of the world… and then destroy them in a sea of tire smoke and leaky carbs.

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