Podcast: Episode 51 – Dinning on Dinan Delights


We took a week off, but Blake V-School Rong and I are back in action. This is episode 51 of the Hooniverse podcast, and it’s ready to rock out with your ear balls. Topics at hand include Blake driving the Dinan-tuned BMW 1M, I explore the new Audi A3, and then we chat about building an engine at Hendrick’s Motorsports and that the Civic finally gets an update.

Hooniverse – Floridian gas blizzard

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3 responses to “Podcast: Episode 51 – Dinning on Dinan Delights”

  1. Tim Murray Avatar
    Tim Murray

    Jeff needs to speak in to the microphone! I have to crank the volume just to hear him.

    1. admin Avatar

      Our levels were adjusted improperly on this episode. We fixed it going forward, apologies.

      1. Froggmann_ Avatar

        Thank you. It's completely un-listenable in my car. Even with the volume cranked and SLA maxed out I only catch one out of every 12th word. Granted my car isn't the quietest but I should be able to at least follow the conversation.

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