Podcast: Episode 45 – Halfway to 90! Wait, that’s not a milestone…


It’s episode 45 and our guest this week is our friend Matt Farah. We’ve got plenty of random new car bits to talk about, and we also dive into a spattering of stuff that Farah recently drove on his show TUNED, including a pair of oh-so-excellent Miatas. Blake talks about how much he hates the Scion tC he’s driving, and I fall in love with the Corvette convertible I’m driving.

Additionally, we dive into a bit of the Mecum auction action from last week and talk about some pretty exciting events we have coming up, which will make for great future podcast fodder.

Go have a listen, it’s right down below the jump.

Hooniverse – Halfway to 90! Wait, that’s not a milestone…

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    Cool, I just finished #44 on my way to work this morning.

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