Podcast: Episode 3Too short!

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It’s time once again for another episode of the Hooniverse Podcast. Come journey with us as we enter Episode 3. Blake Z. Rong is back from Amsterdam, and we’ve got guest Jeff Jablanksy from BBC Autos in the house. Our topics are rambling, our guest is oddly quiet, and our running time for this episode is far too short.

Hop the break for a bit of an episode rundown, and links to where you can go listen to it.

Episode Three is here, and it involves a wide variety of discussion points. Some of the new car ground covered includes the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, C7 Corvette, and the impending rebirth of wagon love amongst the masses. Older car stuff includes the installation of Blake’s new suspension on his Miata, thanks to Fat Cat Suspension as well as friend of Hooniverse Cory Burns, the return of a familiar Firebird, and my revelation of a brand new classic car show that I’m co-hosting called American Detours.

From there we delve into Blake’s trip to Amsterdam, meeting up with Antii while in Europe, and finally I continuously cut Blake off so he can’t get in anything of substance. On top of that, our guest says seven things and has since admitted he wishes he spoke up. We’ll get him back on, because he’s an interesting young guy with lots of cool car stories. For now though, it’s time to dive into our shortest episode of the season. We PROMISE to run for at least an hour from here on out…

Hooniverse Podcast Episode Three on ShoutEngine: Podcast Ep. 3

(Note: iTunes and Direct MP3 download are available at the ShoutEngine link above)

Go download it, subscribe on iTunes, and give your ears some auditory automotive excellence.

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2 responses to “Podcast: Episode 3Too short!”

  1. pj134 Avatar

    Errr, Hay guise, first time long time. The sexual tension between Blake and Jeff's beetle is palapalable. Ahhhhoww did you keepem seperarated?

  2. Matt Avatar

    I will download. By the way, I love that the logo is a Simca 1204 about to go airborne. If you are ever looking for a guest speaker to attest to the virtues of the 1204, let me know. Mine's down with some brake maladies at the moment but normally serves as daily transport.

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