Podcast: Episode 35 – We Clean Up w/ Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC


While in Las Vegas for SEMA, Blake and I wandered over to have a sit down with a friend of Hooniverse. His name is Larry Kosilla, and he’s the mad genius behind AMMO cleaning products. You’ve probably seen his insanely detailed detailing videos on YouTube, which are remarkable in the fact that they run very long (by online standards) yet have an incredible watch-through rate.

Larry knows his stuff, and we enjoyed learning more about his world. Click past the break to check out the latest Hooniverse Podcast, which isn’t the SEMA shorty like the last episode.

Hooniverse – SEMA 2013 – Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 35 – We Clean Up w/ Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC”

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