Podcast: Episode 34 – SEMA 2013 w/ John Hotchkis


Blake and I are at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to churn out some delicious podcasts. Our producer Chris Hayes brought his recording gear, and we’re taking to the show floor to chat with some good folks. First up is a man who knows how to make a car handle, John Hotchkis.

You may remember I fell quite in love with his 1970 Challenger. I asked him if I could have it… he didn’t give me a definite no, but it doesn’t look good for me. Regardless, he has a lot to chat about in this special SEMA edition of the podcast.

Hooniverse – SEMA 2013 – John Hotchkis

This is a shorter version of our standard podcast, as we’re recording it from the show floor. We have another special SEMA episode coming up with guest Cameron Evans from Redline oil, so watch for that early next week. After that, we have a full length SEMA podcast with guest Larry Kosilla from AMMO cleaning products.

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