Podcast Image Lead Episode 2

We’re now just two episodes in, and Blake Z. Rong has already ditched me. He went to Amsterdam to play patty-cake with Antti, or maybe he went to drink and have fun, I forget. Either way, the Hooniverse Podcast show must go on! I’m joined by Zack Klapman, who you probably know from The Smoking Tire. Additionally, Zack is a producer of many of the great videos from Drive, as well as one of the producers of this very podcast.

What’s on the menu for the recording? We talk about the opening of Gotham Dream Cars West, horsepower wars, the Volkswagen Golf GTD, and a familiar Firebird. Hop past the break for links to Episode Two.

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Go, download, play it right in your browser, listen to it on the train later, either way go forth and enjoy!