Chris says a fond farewell to his Ford Fiesta ST. The FiST will be missed, but it’s not straying too far from the Hooniverse family orbit. Our friend Jason Connor is buying the car. Hopefully, I’m able to sell my Benz as quickly as Chris has shipped off the Fiesta.

For now though, we’re here with a guest for Episode 282 – Patrick Costello is back to talk a bit about the new season of Truck Night in America. He also trekked out to King of the Hammers for a day, and he hasn’t yet made any progress on his Jeep Cherokee.

We’re closing in on Episode 300. Like 200 before it, we’ll plan on doing a live show somehow somewhere. For Episode 200, we recorded live at a local brewery and that’s likely to happen again. If you’re in Southern California sometime in the not-too-distant future, make sure to stay tuned for info on our Episode 300 party.
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