Podcast: Episode 25 – We’re back!…and we’ve brought better audio equipment


It’s been a hectic month of travel for both myself and podcast co-host Blake Z. Rong. We’re back, however, and we’re making sure our audio is up to snuff as well. For Episode 25, we’re joined by Ezekiel Wheeler who recently gave his notice to European Car in order to pursue a gig at Petrolicious. His passion lies with automotive design, and we dive into a discussion on the subject.

Additionally, Blake talks up his Seven and S7 roadtrip while I go off and talk about just how awesome the Jaguar F-Type V8S actually is. It’s a podcast stuffed with whimsy, wonder, and wokka wokka. Click past the break to give it a listen.

Hooniverse – Design Discussion Delights… Dozens

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