Podcast: Episode 23 – Blake's Night Time Story Hour

Hooniverse Podcast

I’m on the road this month. Travel means I’m away from the podcast palace of love, and that’s why we missed recording an episode last week. This week, however, we couldn’t let that stand. Blake Z. Rong teams up with Zack Klapman and Chris Hayes to bring you episode 23. Blake is on the run in his long-term Autoweek Audi S7, but he stopped long enough to chat with Chris and Zack about what’s going on in the world of automobilia.

This means Pebble Beach, the Jaguar F-Type, radar detectors, and a host of other random junk. Click past the break to have a listen.

Hooniverse – Blake’s Night Time Story Hour


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4 responses to “Podcast: Episode 23 – Blake's Night Time Story Hour”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Nice as always, but the audio quality is absolutely horrible.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Yep, we fixed it – no more crap going forward. Sorry about that.
      Microphones and quiet places from now on.

  2. LTDScott Avatar

    Listening now… Ford starters don't need shims 🙂

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