Podcast: Episode 21 – And You Can Take That To The Bank(s)


You love engines. You love engines that make supreme amounts of power. There’s a man who understands how to make engines that make supreme amounts of power, and he’s our guest for episode 21 of the Hooniverse Podcast. His name is Gale Banks and he’s a legend in this industry.

Gale has been blowing the competition out of the water for decades now. His marine engines were so good they were ultimately banned (turbocharging was banned, and Gale was the only one doing it at the time). On land, he set many a speed record in many a vehicle. He also helped bring the GMC Syclone to life, and for that every hoon should be eternally grateful. Additionally, Banks now supplies the power for Mike Ryan’s insane hillclimb/drift semi truck.

Jump past the break to listen in as Blake and myself talk all things automotive with Gale Banks.

Hooniverse – And You Can Take That To The Bank(s)

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