Podcast: Episode 18 – MotoMan Makes With The Funny


Episode 18 is here and it features special guest George Notaras, who is better known as MotoMan. Of course Blake is here too…

Our topics are rather wide ranging this time around thanks to Mr. MotoMan. We learn that he passed up the chance at a 1973 Pontiac Catalina, which the person who bought flipped for many thousand dollars. He ran in the Targa Newfoundland with a Dodge Challenger SRT8. He also passed up the chance to buy a TVR while working in England. He’s done a ton of cool stuff, and he also hosts a show called Inside the MotoMan Studio, which just moved to The Petersen Automotive Museum. Check out his teaser for the new season here.

Click past the jump for the podcast, with it’s FANCY NEW EMBEDDED PLAYER!

Hooniverse – MotoMan Makes With The Funny

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7 responses to “Podcast: Episode 18 – MotoMan Makes With The Funny”

  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    Hey Jeff, did you see my email on Monday? I'm back from vacation, so you can send the 3M Paint Defender kit.

    1. admin Avatar

      Yep, and I'm heading out on vacation this evening – I will get it sent out right when I get back. Thanks for following up

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        Thanks Jeff, hope you enjoy your vacation as much as we enjoyed ours. It was cool.

  2. Lotte Avatar

    Oh man oh man oh man! I stumbled on one of his interviews with Ralph Gilles, and was just so very surprised at how buddy-buddy he was with the CEO of a major automotive company. I mean, !!! I eagerly await more Mopar news from Motoman; every interview segment is an eye-opener.
    Motoman also has a Nissan Pathfinder review, and what stuck with me was not so much the car, but the incessant giggling. So informative with the inside scoops, and delivered in such a personable way that makes me feel like a part of the industry. Other reviews NEVER get you that close to the people behind the cars!

    1. admin Avatar

      It helps that Ralph is pretty awesome himself. I've been lucky to chat with him on a few occasions, and always leave impressed.

  3. Big Bad Bob Avatar
    Big Bad Bob

    Motoman's description of the 2014 S-Class launch filled my need for AUTOMOTIVE PORN for the rest of the summer!!! I had to listen to it 3 times (the last 8 minutes of the podcast) just to absorb it all. Can't wait to see the video!!!

    1. admin Avatar

      It sounded pretty damn epic…

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