Podcast: Episode 150 – See Section


Chris and I are joined in the studio by The Smoking Tire’s own Zack Klapman. We talk about the new Clarion Builds Acura NSX, driving the latest Camaro SS, and that Zack and I are going back to Drift School.

Also, my wife and I bought a new car. Tune in, listen up, and find out what that is on this episode of the Hooniverse Podcast

Hooniverse – See Section

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 150 – See Section”

  1. Mister Sterling Avatar
    Mister Sterling

    Awesome episode, guys. I think the podcast that has Zack’s amazing story was episode 63. I am downloading it right now, as I didn’t start listing to this podcast until episode 64!

    And yes, Everything is Awesome. I just got my Tegan and Sara tickets. Um, the wife is a big fan.

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