Podcast: Episode 15 – Not FIT for EV Consumption

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¡Buenos dias! Today we celebrate our quinceañera with our 15th episode. Today the topics include a discussion on the new Corolla (don’t worry), the Jeep Recall, Ferrari and Ford ringing up awards at the International Engine of the Year competition, and driving the Beast from the movie White House Down.

More importantly, however, we make fun of Blake for running out of energy on his way to record the podcast. He was in a Honda Fit EV, and he can’t math. Out guest for Jeff Jablanksy had to run out and rescue him before we could start recording.

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Head to ShoutEngine to download the podcast: Episode 15

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 15 – Not FIT for EV Consumption”

  1. Rich_S Avatar

    the 4A-GE engine is the same engine used in the AE86

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