Podcast: Episode 14 – Build.Race.Podcast! with Bill Caswell

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Lady and Gentlemen, episode 14 is here and you’re going to love this one. I know I say that pretty much every time, and I mean it every time, but this time I really mean it. Blake and myself are joined by guest Bill Caswell. Yes, he of Build.Race.Party, the $500 Rally Car, and global automotive exploits that make it seem like Bill is loving every second of life.

Our topics range from the traditional old car and new car banter before moving into discussions of Monaco, beer, Jeremy Clarkson being a bit rude, and a few of the vehicles I saw while away on vacation last week in Costa Rica. Hop over the jump to get the newest episode of the podcast…

Head to ShoutEngine to download the podcast: Episode 14

(You can access both the direct link to the MP3 and the iTunes version from the above link. If you go to iTunes, please remember to rate the podcast and leave a review. By doing so you’re helping us infect the normals rise through the ranks and spread the Hooniverse gospel to a larger audience.)

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One response to “Podcast: Episode 14 – Build.Race.Podcast! with Bill Caswell”

  1. Aryn Donner Avatar

    Oh man, is this ever a timely post! Thank you for "keeping it real". I actually laughed out loud at some of them (but wow, you look great in your head shots!)

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