Podcast: Episode 128 – Talking Tech At SEMA with BBi Autosport


While Jeff is off doing something awesome and being a Blooger at the LA Auto Show, I’ll bring you a link for this episode of the Hooniverse Podcast. This week, the Hooniverse Podcast picks up with the first of our several episodes from SEMA with a compelling and interesting interview with the guys from BBi Autosport, Betim, and A.J. Join your hosts Chris Hayes and Jason Connor as they discuss everything from Big Power Porsches (briefly touch on my own Boxster project and why they are awesome as Jason plugs #Bradsport) to the tiny turbo terrors that both Jason and Chris love. Betim gushes over Gale Banks for a while. In all, it’s a pretty good episode. There is a lot more SEMA content coming for the podcast, so you’ll have plenty to look forward to in coming weeks.

Hooniverse – BBI Autosport live from SEMA 2015

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