Podcast: Episode 12 – The Quick and the Consternated

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Blake Z. Rong went to Detroit to attend the Autoweek Fantasy Camp. This was the perfect opportunity to wrangle a few of the writers for the publication, lock them in a room, and force them to talk get to podcastin’!

Mr. Z. Rong is joined by (THE) Davey G. Johnson, Mark Vaughn, Jake Lingeman, and Graham Kozak. The topics range from mini trucks, 70’s vans, Gran Turismo 6, the welcoming comfort of a seat massage system, and random Detroit-itis related topics.

It’s a fun chat with a lot of people who love cars. They bring up their own old machines, including Big Ronda… you know you need to learn more about Big Ronda. Jump past the break to do so.

Head to ShoutEngine to download the podcast: Episode 12

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2 responses to “Podcast: Episode 12 – The Quick and the Consternated”

  1. Steve V Avatar
    Steve V

    you guys have to do a fast and furious 6 podcast special

  2. Aryn Donner Avatar

    Having moved several times, I agree with you. It is the sentimental crap that takes forever to sort through. What always amazes me is how I think I'm getting rid of so much stuff and then I arrive at the other end and end up throwing away even more.

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