Plastic Predator – 2001 Volvo S60

Yes, it’s a Volvo underneath all that.. work. This 2001 S60 was spotted – and re-spotted – by a photographer friend Joose P, who did an excellent job on the Dacia Duster review photos earlier.

The S60 is not one of the cars one would expect to receive a Predator-style plastic/glassfibre makeover, but with this petrol blue example it has been the case. Make the jump for more photos and video, too.

Busy-ness at the front, party in the back. There’s a large wing and a diffusor (complete with shoddy quad exhausts) in the back, which does or doesn’t do wonders for a 140hp 2.4-litre S60. Also, note the classy speaker installation/shelf butchering – and the blue-tinted tail lights which sort of fit the rest of the theme.

On these photos the Volvo runs sizeable summer wheels…

And on this winter shot it does not, but rocks black steelies instead. At least it moves under its own power.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Joose was kind enough to provide video commentary of the car. I echo his aghast sentiments completely.


[Images/Video: Joose Puustinen]

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