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Pikes Peak: On The Edge needs to be on your watchlist

It has been a while since there has been a motorsport documentary that I’ve enjoyed. Truth in 24, Dust to Glory, & Truth in 24 II are on my shortlist.

There is a new contender on this list and it is Pikes Peak: On The Edge.

The documentary is on Motor Trend OnDemand, and so is Shift Talkers  (Jeff’s show) while we’re at it. I’ve enjoyed the crap out of the first episode and the video of Carlin Dunne had me close to tears.

The series is following the paths of six racers headed to the Mountain. The first is racer is Daijiro Yoshihara, a pro racer from Japan. Dai’s vehicle is a GT-86 with crazy high horsepower. Next is Robb Holland, another pro racer, driving is front-wheel-drive Audi RS3. Jeff Zwart is a pillar of Pikes Peak International Hillclimb and went to the mountain this year with a new Porsche 935. The fourth racer is Shawn Bassett driving a modified 240Z with an LS swap from Orlando, Florida. Blake Fuller competes in a Tesla Model 3 that he has prepared for the race. And the last driver is Christopher Becker, a business owner from Highlands Ranch, CO, who purchased a Mazda3 racecar the year before and crashed on the way up the mountain.

The first episode is an introduction to all of the racers and their motivation for competing in such a dangerous event. The second episode documents exactly why it is so dangerous. The third episode documents the conclusion for all the racers that competed this year.

If you’re like me, then when you get to the end, you’ll already be hoping that we were getting ready for next year’s race!

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One response to “Pikes Peak: On The Edge needs to be on your watchlist”

  1. danleym Avatar

    I keep seeing it and then watching something else. Maybe I’ll move it up my list- I’ve been able to attend Pikes Peak a few times and it is an awesome experience. I’m sure it would make for some decent television.

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