Pay No Rent! Accepting Neighborhood Close to Campus – Best Flier Ever

Van For sale flierWe’re not done with our vannin’ shenanigans, oh no. This is an actual flyer pulled from a (real, physical) bulletin board right around the end of the school year back my UCSD days. No, this didn’t become Chez Mad_Science…but it was briefly under serious consideration, given rent prices in the vicinity of La Jolla. Do us all a favor and don’t call the number on the flier, it’s been a while.

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  1. Goingincirclez Avatar

    Ram Van for sale, no rent
    Room to crash when beer is spent.
    No phone, no internets
    Propane heats your Ramen, yet
    Ah, but.. one block from campus is
    accepting of such vagaries
    Just don't give out those free candies…
    King of the road.

    1. Target29 Avatar

      Nice one Tennessee Ernie Dodge, I mea Ford…

    2. Novaload Avatar

      Well played!

  2. joshuman Avatar

    The library, gym / locker room, and cafeteria provide all the services. Heck, this thing is probably larger than my dorm room. The only thing it is lacking, and this is big, is a social scene. I suppose you could drive it to parties though.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      There was a dude I knew through a friend who lived in a van in the on-campus parking.
      Basically, his "dorm" was a little farther away that most people's…but sometimes that works to your advantage.

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    You know what would really sell me on this? T-Tops. Yeah, I am on a Muthalovin T-Top kick.

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      I think we can find a way to add them to your truck…


    "…Also reeks of butt sex. After all, the only way I could get any kind of action living in a van was committing myself as a solid bottom."

    1. Novaload Avatar

      Mr. Smucker, I have missed your insanity. I needed that laugh. Thank yo!

    2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I don't see a VW badge or a convertible top.

  5. discontinuuity Avatar

    This sort of thing came up on "Car Talk" a couple months ago. A student called in because she suspected her boyfriend was living in a van on campus. He claimed he had a real apartment and only stayed in the van when he was working late.

  6. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    Awesome. As a La Jolla resident, I can attest to the need for this kind of ah, "alternative" living arrangement for the studious ramen set.
    As an aside, there's a growing phenomenon is San Diego of economically marginalized looking single gents rolling around in vintage RVs. Think late 70's Tioga's or, for the upper caste, similar vintage class As like Winnebago's. The seem to congregate in the beach areas by day to drink low-end adult beverages and can be found in various 'hoods nearby at night. I call them the "motorhomeless."

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      I spent a lot of time around Mission Bay and Fiesta Island. I know this well. The boat launch ramp parking on mission bay is mini RV city.
      To be honest, I can think of worse gigs.

  7. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    Me too! I actually lived is a small motorhome for a few weeks when I was studying viticulture in Napa Valley years ago. It was a Dodge Trans Van of mid-80's (I think) vintage that belonged to a friend of my mom. Everyone else was paying by the day to stay in an inexpensive (for Napa) motel what I was paying the full-hookup camp ground for a week. It was fine for the few weeks I did it but I imagine it might get old after a while.

    1. Novaload Avatar

      It sucks when your house gets a flat tire.

  8. Froggmann Avatar

    Tell me this, is the "Accepting Neighborhood" down by the river? Also, what kind of girl is gonna go with you to "your place" if it's in a van? Me thinks the sane ones would run screaming and the not so sane ones, well…

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      …are the most fun?

      1. Froggmann Avatar


    2. FTGDHoonEdition Avatar

      You really haven't been on a proper college town, on a college night, have you? Else, you wouldn't have asked that question in the first place.
      p.s: Screw sane girls, and their morality. They are usually bat insane, most of the time.

  9. CptSevere Avatar

    I lived in the pictured Road Condo for two years out in the middle of the desert, 80 acres of undeveloped property, when I first moved here to Southern Arizona. Nothing there but a well and storage tank, a shipping container for storage (the washing machine was in there, too), and more empty desert surrounding the place. Thirteen miles from Tombstone, where I worked, and now live. I was stubborn, liked the idea of living off the grid with no utilities. Just me and my dog, nobody around for miles. It was pretty cool, actually. Feel like shooting? There's an old can dump right over there, blast away. You could do whatever you wanted out there, piss on a bush, work on stuff, crank the stereo, etc. Then, adjoining parcels got sold, doublewides got installed, electricity came to the desert, and it became White Trash Hell. You couldn't even walk around naked anymore. I got disgusted and moved into town. Hell, the bar's closer here anyway, just around the corner. Damn white trash, messin' up my fun.

  10. DeadinSideInc Avatar

    Fraternity Brother of mine spent a year living in his Westy in the house parking lot – before my time but I've heard it worked out OK save for the time the guys broke in and plastered every square cm of it with dude porn.

  11. Maymar Avatar

    It's times like this I curse winter. On the other hand, I spent a couple years at the University of Windsor – if I'd stuck around a little longer, I'd probably have ended up buying a house, since it's now about the same price as a moderately equipped mid-sized sedan (although, you could use the mid-sized sedan to get out of Windsor).

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