Partially Reconstructed Espada For Sale Two Months Later

1971 lamborghini espada for sale Back at the end of May, we marveled to see one of the roughest Lamborghini Espadas in recent memory sell for $78 grand. While the Jalpa, Jota and Jarama take podium in the oxymoronic Bargain Lamborghini contest, Espadas aren’t supposed to be that expensive. The plot thickens today, as the same overpriced car from a little over two months ago is back on the Bay of e. In the previous listing, the majority of the interior sat next to the car in piles, “ready to go in”. It appears the current seller installed all of those bits along with glass and trim. Additionally, they’ve upgraded from “turns over” to “running, but needs carb and fuel system work”. $78k seemed expensive for a pile of parts with potential. The bidding’s at $20k with an unmet reserve as I type this; I wonder what they’re hoping to get for their trouble? $85? $90? $100 grand? What’s the rattiest (but now slightly less ratty!) Lambo around worth? Auction ends this weekend! 1971 Lamborghini Espada for sale – eBay Motors

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