Meet the New Benchmark: the 2018 BMW M5

While Americans were staring into the sun, BMW unveiled a new generation of one of their brightest stars: the M5. The sixth-generation M5 is pretty much all new from the ground up and it takes the benchmark of performance sedans to new heights with some brand new tech, more power, and some additional weight savings […]

Dealer Crackpipe: An $80k 2015 Ford Mustang GT

Man that new 2015 Ford Mustang GT is pretty sweet right? Did you hear that Ford is making a limited-edition version, seeing as this is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang? Right, I know, technically last year was the 50th anniversary but shut up for a second because have I got a deal for you. […]

Flicking clever marketing: The Peugeot 20♡

From the same file of curiosities that previously brought you this MINI rubber johnny, I present you a French fancy I picked up in the late ’90s. Some of you probably know, I quite enjoy looking at old car brochures. Reading them several years after a model has departed often gives us a better idea […]

Hooniverse Asks Bonus: Has Wheeler Dealers jumped the shark?

The British cable TV show Wheeler Dealers should not need introduction to Hooniverse readers. They buy low-priced interesting cars that need a bit of work, fix them, and flip them for profit. All of that is done in the name of keeping another modern classic on the road. The idea behind the show is pretty […]

American Eagle – 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

It’s not every day you spot an American-built personal luxury car with a 7.5-litre engine over here. On Friday the 13th, I did; it’s a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V for sale at the same forecourt as the Buick Roadmaster was last fall. The dealer has a penchant for large barges, it seems, and the […]

Morning Qualifying- From the Marketing Department edition

By the early 1960’s, Ford had found the gospel of auto racing as an effective marketing tool.  Whenever and wherever Fords raced successfully, Ford’s marketing department was poised to take maximum advantage with every tool at their disposal.  Today, we’ll take a look at, perhaps, the mightiest tool in the Ford Total Performance marketing arsenal…….the […]