Owner of a Previously Featured Chevy 210 Gasser Wagon Weighs In

As a matter of administrative procedure (and low-level narcissism), most of us here love to click back through our old posts just to re-read what we wrote and check out any late-arriving comments. All too often we find weird “what is final price? still available?????” messages from people not getting that we’re just linking to others’ ads, but sometimes something interesting pops. Case in point: the current owner of this Chevy Wagon Gasser we featured way back in 2010 weighed in with an update. (Sorry it took me 9 months to post the pictures, Bill). In short, he knew what he was getting into with the massive project it was, and he’s been slowly chugging away on it, turning it the beast it deserves to be. Hit the jump for pictures and a project udpate… Update One:

I’m keeping the dropped spindles, I really like the look or stance that it has. Car is in flat black primer, as of now. A little info of the things I’ve done to it. I rebuilt the gauge cluster and dyna matted the whole interior, dropped in a 454 Rat motor with a M21 Muncie “Old School”. I repaired the driver side floor pan and found no other rust issues that needed to be addressed. I found the front bench seat locally and the rear I had shipped from the east coast. Carpet is new, I installed a new EZ wiring harness and I’m close to getting it on the road. Hope this information is helpful. There wasn’t any bodywork to be done to the car, due to it sat in a bodyshop waiting for paint in Semi Valley from 1979 until I picked it up. 

Update Two:

I started out by sanding it down since all the work was done by the body shop back in 79′. Sprayed it flat black for starters so my wife wouldn’t be in shock when she arrived back from Sweden. That I went thru the inside and addressed the interior. It had one bad floor pan which I took care of. then Dyna Matted the interior. Ripped out the wire harness and installed a new E-Z 12 circuit wiring harness. I was on the look out for a doner car / truck with a big block. So I found a 1977 Chevy truck with 64,000 miles. Bam there’s my doner vehicle. Then I tracked down a front seat here in the bay area. I ordered a custom interior. I found a rear seat out on the east coast and had that shipped out to San Francisco. Installed a new carpet kit front and rear. Now the drive train / 454 Rat with a M21 muncie. I’m still working on the install dealing with fender well header issues on the driver side. Next step is change out the steering box. Intake will be a single 4 bbl to start until I decide to dive into the motor and heads. I have a tunnel ram set-up that will be installed after I register it.

Thanks, Bill!

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