Outsider's Perspective: 2016 North American International Auto Show (Part 2)

gallery-1452529930-ford-fusion-v6-sport-2017-1600x1200-wallpaper-01 Ladies and Gentlemen rejoice! The Taurus SHO is back! Yes yes, I know that the Taurus SHO has actually existed for quite a while; and don’t get me wrong, the full-size Ford is very desirable. But when it comes to what the Taurus SHO was all about back in the early ‘90s (which I don’t remember) the new Fusion V6 sport has a twin-turbo 2.7-liter V6, 385 horsepower and All-wheel drive. All for about the same price of the Focus RS. People buying a new fast Ford have some seriously tough decisions ahead of them nowadays. Flex Ecoboost or this for me please…or Focus RS…or Raptor…So much awesome, so little money. 01-2017-lincoln-continental-detroit-1 People buying Lincolns on the other hand have a very simple choice on their hands. The Continental. Buy the continental, buy it so that the highers up make more good Lincolns. In fact, if you’re looking at something like a German car why not shop American. I mean, if you’re not going to be on the track all the time and want something with some prestige, a smooth engine and loads of comfort why don’t you take a look at a Continental beforehand. It’ll soothe your troubles away instead of reminding you it was subconsciously set up for Hatzenbach. 1452293667-15c1191-071 Having expressed how much I love the Continental, I will say that I don’t blame you if you take a look at a Mercedes E-Class instead. Those who say that all merc sedans look the same these days have obviously haven’t seen a group pic of a 190E, a 300E and a 500SEL. And anyway, the design of Mercs these days is elegant and destined to age well, even if some people would have no qualms about calling it “dull”. The fact that they seem to be making an effort to go back to building cars with some actual quality in them means that it could be with you for as long a time as the Lincoln would. Buy the cheapest one with the engine you want. You’ll still get a lot of kit. 2017-Genesis-G90-front-three-quarter-02 But if you’re looking at elegant and comfy cars, the Koreans are still doing an amazing job at them. The Genesis (no longer Hyundai) G90 shows that they have absolutely no intention of letting the competition pass them by. Loads and loads of technology, semi-autonomous driving, comfort is a priority over handling. All I can say is that they’re still building a better Cadillac than Cadillac themselves. kia-concept-0319 I like many things about the Kia Telluride. I like the design, it reminds me of the Land Cruisers and Monteros of old. I like the suicide doors. Best of all, I like that (the design at least) looks very close to production-ready. Is the Sorento due for a replacement? One can dream. yzfj0k7z5479pzwnzs9r I’d like to end my review of a show that really has something for everyone (and a lot for me) with a car that is keeping the momentum that Toyota is building with sports cars, though not with ones in the Toyota Brand. There was a very interesting discussion recently on another site that concluded that the reason that Toyota doesn’t have a Supra replacement is that they actually do. It’s on sale right now and nobody seems to pay any attention to it. That car is the Lexus RC. Hell, considering that the original Supras extended from Celicas that would make the 4-cylinder versions the new Celica (though no more than the GT86 is the new Celica). So what would that make the new, concept-derived, never-expected-to-actually-make-it-to-production LC500? Well, apart from amazing that is. I shall call it the Soarer.

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