Our Very Own Motor City Mad Man, Andy Didorosi

Today we are pleased to announce a new addition to the family. No, there is not another little_science bun in the oven… Andy Didorosi is now the Detroit Editor for Hooniverse.com. Is he the right man for the job? We think so – read on and you will understand why. Mr. Didorosi may still be a young buck but he already has some Hooniversal gems on his automotive list checked off. His first car was a 1988 Caprice Classic Police Interceptor…which he received from his great grandmother. The car was great fun, until it was stolen two weeks later from his high school parking lot. Shortly after that he received the thrill of walking out to a vehicle being taken against his will, his grandmother gave him an Aerostar. This was a special van because it was purchased from a local hairdresser and was burgundy in color, with SPORT written in pink down the sides. Andy has owned two Camaros in his life; a 1978 and a 1994, both of which he is not proud of yet misses them equally. The van led to a 1987 camo-colored Ford Bronco, which in Andy’s own words “has spent two minutes in total airtime above mother Earth”. He owns the Bronco now, along with a motorized, gas-powered wheelchair capable of around 45 mph. The chair is nicknamed DeathChair. Besides owning some oddball cars and being the only one on the staff actually in Detroit, Andy is a car  guy who lives and breathes this industry. He has owned a speed shop since he was 16. He rented a warehouse at tender age and it all began from there. Its gone through a few different names, but largely remains a unnamed. They’ve got a huge selection of aftermarket parts – but “it’s kind of an underground thing around Detroit” he claims. As Fiesta Agent #7, he helped spread vehicular mayhem across the country via a Lime Green Ford Fiesta. This includes racing it in two Targa Trophy events, including one with a cardboard cutout of Carl Edwards taped to the side of the car. I hope he liked the car, because after the Fiesta Movement, he won a 2011 Ford Fiesta. I am sure he has big plans for the car – though it may be weird for him to own a new vehicle. Last time I spoke with him on the phone (yesterday) he was heading out to buy a used church van… He is the owner and creator of the CrapCanAm racing league which hopes to start its inaugural season in the very near future. He also owns Paper Street Motors, which rents commercial space to any small business for very short money. Most importantly, he loves this industry as much as all of you reading this site. He is Andy Didorosi and he is the new Detroit Editor for Hooniverse.com

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