Ok, Time to Stop Adding Lightness

Lotus Elan Chassis for sale
50 Hooniverse points for IDing all the cars in this garage

We’re all familiar with the famous words of Colin Chapman and their application to Lotus motorcars. Perhaps someone took this credo a little too far in application to a 1964 Elan. The seller claims the chassis is rust and accident free, which means either the body was accidentally washed with nitric acid, or…well…we’re not sure how else  a body gets away from a chassis without rust or accidents. Typically if we’re looking at a car in need of tons of little interior, body or trim bits, we’d say you’d destined to languish in Project Car Hell for all eternity. For some reason, we see this as an opportunity to start with a blank slate. More accurately, and easel, as the slate’s not even there.
Off hand, we’d recommend turbo rotary power and a backyard Ariel Atom or X-Bow looking minimalist body, made of aluminum, just to keep things interesting. What would you do with this collection of scrap metal a ’64 Lotus chassis?
Hit up eBay Motors for your opportunity. 6 Days left, bidding starts at $1500.

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  1. Tanshanomi Avatar

    Body? What body? I would pad the center backbone, atv/snowmobile style, and give it a centered steering wheel.

    1. Paul Y. Avatar
      Paul Y.

      I am intrigued by your ideas, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  2. engineerd Avatar

    BMW 2002, MG Midget, and the beginning of awesome.
    The idea of adding an X-Bow-type body is appealing. It would be the fruition of my go-kart from hoonhell dream.

  3. P161911 Avatar

    1971 BMW 2002 and 1973 MGB in addition to th 1964 Lotus Elan.
    Please deposit Hooniverse points in my Paypal account.

  4. Tanshanomi Avatar

    I fantasize about a world where everybody drives go-karts. Everywhere. All the time.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      Watch out for Blue Shells.

  5. Thrashy Avatar

    A rotary would barely come up above the front shock towers. You could put together one hell of a Wonder Wedge on that frame…

  6. engineerd Avatar

    I, as well. Between that and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups war would be a thing of the past.

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      Ahh, Reese's. The food of peace™.

  7. engineerd Avatar

    Damn, that is an MGB. Well, I got the 2002.

    1. Sparky_Pete Avatar

      Meh… they're both pretty small… one could be forgiven.

  8. Paul Y. Avatar
    Paul Y.

    You aren't the only one by a long shot. There is no finer form of transportation.

  9. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    First of all, I meant all the cars in the background. Go through to the listing to see them all.
    Hooniverse Points are like Chuck E Cheese tickets.
    They can only be redeemed for stuff from our prizes shop.
    Would you like a broken Dana 44 ring and pinion or shredded guibo joint from a BMW?

    1. jeremy![™] Avatar

      damn, i was eying that guibo…

    2. P161911 Avatar

      Both would go well with my collection of warped brake rotors, stuck fan cluthes, wobbly water pumps, large tub of Fiat 850 bits, and the rear seat from a K-5 Blazer.
      I REALLY need to clean out the basement.

  10. Tanshanomi Avatar
    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Cool. I like two strokes. You're already bookmarked. I'll be watching all week.
      I had a chance to almost steal one of those little Harleys, along with two of the four stroke Aermacchis. Glad I didn't, it would have been PBH.

  11. Robert Emslie Avatar
    Robert Emslie

    Pffft, I already have one of those. A Tony Thompson 26R frame is lots better, and isn't that much more (that much being double the starting) than this one. If you simply must have this, TT also sells new bodies that they're splashing off their own molds. http://www.tonythompsonracing.co.uk
    And it's really easy to separate an Elan body from the backbone as it's only a matter of about a half-dozen fasteners.

    1. BobAsh Avatar

      Hell… how much would it cost to build a whole Elan from these guys?

  12. Alff Avatar

    That's the basis for the new Ariel Quark

  13. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    Well, from the pictures I can spot 2 red TR6s, a red F355, a yellow MGB-GT, a white 2002, a white Jaguar which the seller's other listings has as a 420, a black TR6, and a buttload of MGBs in various hues, some of which are among the 5 currently listed on ebay.
    The seller also apparently has a Falcon Futura in there somewhere, but I can't find it.
    The only stumpers are the dark saloon (Jaguar?) parked against the wall (with the boot and bonnet raised), the black thing that looks not quite like a Lotus 7, and the little (far too modern) roadster (Miata?) nestled between the mustard yellow GT and one of the red TR6s.

    1. Alff Avatar

      I believe the newer roadster is a late model MG TF, the sedan against the wall appears to me to be a 1946 or 1947 Chevrolet. The Se7en looking thing is a mystery. None of the 7 copies I've seen have that curving body work or windshield. This car also appears to have a bit of a trunk. I'd love to know what it is.

      1. dragon951 Avatar

        Which, the Jag HWM Racer?
        Also you can just go to their website and look them up.

  14. LBJs_Love_Child Avatar

    In that picture: BMW 2002 (w/tii rims), MGB, Lotus Elan (chassis), and a Jeep CJ-something.

  15. Alff Avatar

    I believe the newer roadster is a late model MG TF, the sedan against the wall appears to me to be a 1946 or 1947 Roadmaster. The Se7en looking thing is a mystery. None of the 7 copies I've seen have that curving body work or windshield. This car also appears to have a bit of a trunk. I'd love to know what it is.

  16. dragon951 Avatar

    Damn it, now that I have discovered their site I keep looking at it saying "for 5 grand I could have a bitchin' Healey…"
    No! Stop! I already have a car that needs work!

  17. Sparky_Pete Avatar

    The Black Tulip MGB has a wonky wheel in the lead photo.
    It's also run out of oil in the engine, transmission and rear end.

  18. discontinuuity Avatar

    Fun fact: struts on the rear axle are called Chapman struts after Collin.

  19. Laura Richardson Avatar

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