Ohio Craigslist: 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Much like the 930 Cabrio Glucker found last Friday, this car did not start life as a convertible chassis.  Porsche did not release the cabriolet until the 1983 model year, and this particular car came 4 years before.  Unlike Friday’s find, however, this car also did not start life as a turbo.  A bog standard 1979 911SC Targa 3.0 liter when it left the factory, granted, any 911 is special in its own right.  

Chopping the targa top off and installing a soft one in it’s place seems to be a bit of a common occurance in the Porsche world, and this one also received later 964 style smoothed bumpers, however, these are of fiberglass construction.  The major change, however, appears in the engine bay.

Not content with the 3 liter’s approximate 180 horses, one of the car’s past owners fitted it with some form of aftermarket low pressure turbo system.  Assuming you don’t throw a rod through the case on your drive home, this could be the bargain of a lifetime at a super low asking price of 7500 dollars.  Hell, if the 915 gearbox is in decent shape (a long shot), it could fetch between 1 and 3 thousand dollars on your own craigslist post.

Keep reading for more details and additional pictures.

[Source: Craigslist]

I have for sale a 1979 Porsche 911 Widebody Turbo Convertible. The car was originally a purple targa. Rear quarters were not seamed and they are all steel. Doors and front fenders are from a 930. Bumpers are aftermarket, fiberglass 964 look. Engine VIN matches vehicle’s VIN, so I’m assuming it is a 3.0, but it does appear that it has been gone over. I scoped the cylinders and all are VERY clean. Compressions are all perfect. Engine has an aftermarket turbo, not sure what the make of the turbo is and there is no intercooler. The transmission is a five speed, so it is not a 1979 trans. Car runs and drives excellent, but does need to warm up for about five minutes when cold. It does need some cosmetic paint and interior work done. Car has a branded rebuilt salvage title because it was purchased from a police auction. One very small rust spot the size of a quarter near the gas door and the front spoiler was obviously curbed at one time and no longer exists. Could use a set of tires, a battery, work on the front wheel offsets and the power window assembly installed in the driver’s door of which I have all the parts. The convertible top is in excellent condition with a few snaps that need replaced and includes the convertible top boot. There is not any rust underneath and all floors and bonnet pan are all perfect. Car also has factory air conditioning which obviously is not charged.

I bought this car three years ago as a restoration project and had all intentions of restoring the car. As a long time Chevy guy, Porsche parts are a bit more pricey than Camaro parts. So, I’m deciding to part with it. This is not a correct numbers matching turbo car, hence the price. I tried to give the most accurate description of the vehicle and it’s condition as I don’t want tire kickers or joyriders. I you’re a Porsche person, you know what this car is. I’m assuming that the widebody conversion was done around 1999 as the engine cradle still had the original Porsche part sticker dated 1998. 

Feel free to call anytime. 440–xxx-xxxx. As I said, no joyriders, and no checks. Cash and carry. Negotiable. 

So what it has a salvage title.

1. Buy shoddy 911

2. Drive until it blows

3. ???

4. Profit


As Tom said in Lock, Stock “It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the Sale of the fucking Century!”

The actual ad, for those interested.




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